Our mission is to showcase and promote the diverse and unique art forms of small tribes and communities around the world. We travel to remote and rural areas to collect ethically sourced art and crafts that represent the cultural heritage of these communities. By doing so, we aim to help these communities by providing them with an additional source of income and promoting their artwork to a global audience.

We believe that every piece of art has a story to tell, and we take great pride in sharing the history and cultural significance behind each item in our shop. We work closely with the artisans and craftsmen of these communities to ensure that they receive fair compensation for their work.

Our commitment to ethical sourcing and fair trade practices is a core value that underpins everything we do. We believe that it is possible to build a sustainable and equitable world by supporting small communities and preserving their cultural heritage. Join us on our journey to discover the beauty and diversity of the world's traditional art forms, and help us make a difference in the lives of the people who create them.

From Mountains to Valleys

We embark on journeys that take us from remote villages to bustling cities in search of artisans who create unique handmade items. As of now we work directly with 5 different countries and are always traveling to new locations looking for new items to procure. Our selection process for our items is comprised of finding a unique product that is both ethical and sustainable. We also make sure that the money is going directly to the creators of these items. Over the past several years we have grown many life long relationships. 

Coming to a city near you

5.23.2024 | Dark Star Jubilee | Ohio

6.6.2024 | Pyro Music Festival | Michigan

6.13.2024 | Bonnaroo | Tennessee

6.28.2024 | Back Home | West Virginia

7.19-21.2024 | Phish | Massachusetts

8.1.2024 | Everwild | Ohio

8.13.2024 | Gathering Of The Juggalos| Ohio

8.31.2024 | Shangri La | Minnesota

9.12.2024 | Bendor Jamboree | Nevada

10.11.2024 | Cave Fest | Tennessee